dricco Kimono

Easy and easy to wear, three-part kimono

Easy to wear in 5 minutes

Even if I do not learn dressing I can wear it alone!

Do not tighten your body

It is an ideal kimono that will not collapse even if you dance.


I'm reliable that you are in the house, dricco Kimono
Dricco (Dokko) can be easily worn in 5 minutes
Because it is a three-part formula, I will be wearing it by myself!

dricco is about a dancer.
dricco Kimono is
I will not tighten my body
It is an ideal kimono which can not be reached even if it dances.

I can wear it in 5 minutes
Because it looks exactly like a kimono,
Everything is perfect for the scene!
Of course not to go out with friends and travel,
It is also recommended for important days.

I'm not good at kimono because it is painful ...
Kimono wearing at an adult ceremony was very painful ...

Do not you like to wear kimono with such memories?

Because I do not tighten dricco kimono, I can wear it very comfortably ♪

What is dricco Kimono?

Because kimono is high, only rental ...
When you buy a kimono it's so expensive that you can not get it ...

You can enjoy Kimono Life at the same time for those of you.

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I wonder if I can really wear it myself ...
If you buy kimono you will get a dressing DVD! (We will also give you a wearing lecture at the store.)

Since we are also going for rental, sightseeing is OK as it is by hand!
First of all, please come to Shin - Kyogoku Hexagon 's shop with outstanding sightseeing spot access

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Order flow


dricco Kimono only for yourself
Enjoy Kimono Life!

Order procedure

① Select your favorite pattern from the product list
② fill in necessary information such as size selection or height
③ Click the order button
④ Payment
⑤ dricco kimono arrives
⑥ Wearing lecture at official opening video or store
⑦ You can enjoy your kimono life

Product list is here