What is “dricco kimono”?

This is an original kimono structure that the Kyokomachi odorikotai  invented.
The theme is to have all generation to enjoy kimono more simply.
The dricco kimono can be separated in to 3pieces.
There is no need for difficult lessons to wear the dricco kimono.(Utility Model Registration)


1 .First  you snap on the collar.

2.Tie the string on the Back Migoro loosely.

3.Match the neck collar nicely.

4.Slide down the back of your neck and put the string though this hole.
Tie these strings in front of you.
You want to make sure its quite tight,

5.Rap the skirt around your waist and make sure to match the length of the skirt.

6.Tie each string in front after going though the holes.

7.Put the 〈Ohashori belt〉on.
Make sure tye Velcro comes to your right.